Low Cost Family Fun

Spending time with the children during the holidays/half-term shouldn’t mean spending lots of money to keep them amused. Here’s our suggestions for low costs family fun activities

1. Have an indoor picnic
2. Get in the kitchen and bake some yummy treats
3. Create a treasure hunt around the house or garden
4. Write and perform your own play for the rest of the family
5. Make a den
6. Go camping in the back garden
7. Plant some sunflowers
8. Visit a museum
9. Go for a bike ride
10. Make some popcorn and watch a film
11. Create a scrapbook, a blog or an online photo album
12. Make play dough
13. Create an obstacle course
14. Make some sock puppets
15. Make a time capsule
16. Go on a teddy bears picnic
17. Full washing up bottles with water and have a water fight
18. Get a roll of wall paper and some paints in the back garden – socks off and let the feet do the painting
19. Visit the library
20. Make a map of your street
21. Be a tourist in your own town

This is just our list – we’d love to hear your ideas so leave them in the comments box below.


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