Love Food Hate Waste

If you’re anything like us, you will have noticed that your monthly shopping bills have been going up and up and your money not going as far as it did at the tills. We asked our friends at Love Food Hate Waste to share tips on how we can save money on the food we buy at the shops.

In the UK we throw away a staggering 7 million tonnes of food every year – most of which could have been eaten! As well as this being a big environmental problem, it costs the average household about £50 a month on their shopping bill!  It’s also a double-whammy because burying all this rubbish then ends up costing all Council taxpayers even more money to pay for the landfill disposal charges.

All the evidence suggests that families with children waste even more food than the rest of us.  At a time of double dip recession most of us could do with saving a few quid on our monthly shopping bills.  That’s why we are urging people to love their food and try to avoid it ending up in the bin.

Being crafty with your food is the clever way to save those pennies – and it really just means thinking before you throw it.

Hints & Tips

  • Understanding ‘use by’ dates – you can still eat food after its best before date – it just wont be at its “best” but its still absolutely OK to eat – especially if its being cooked.  The only thing you need to be really careful with is eggs.
  • Store it right – knowing the best way to store food to keep it fresher for longer can help save us pounds.  It’s a great investment to have some airtight Tupperware storage containers to help fresh food last longer.
  • Portion control – most people end up cooking too much pasta and rice because it expands its easy to misjudge the amount.  A simple tip is to use a mug to measure out your carbs before you cook.  One mug of dry rice feeds 4 people when cooked.
  • Cook once, eat twice – a good money saving tip is to cook large amounts of food which can be used again for another meal the next day.  So for example if you’re making a tomato sauce for pasta make a big batch up and then use the sauce again for pizza toppings the next day.
  • Befriend your freezer – most food can be kept in the freezer for months to stop it going off.  This is great for bread which freezes well and can be used straight from the freezer for toast.  But did you know you can also freeze milk or even cheese? Try it.
  • Plan your shopping –simple ideas like taking a shopping list potentially leading to big savings.  Try making a meal plan for the week ahead and then only buying what you really need.  It really works – you could save loads.

For more helpful tips like this and free recipe suggestions and an excellent on-line portion calculator visit


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