How to Choose a Secondary School

If your child has just settled back in school at the start of Year 6, the next few weeks will be a busy time for you.  By 31st October 2012 you need to have made your application for whichever secondary school you would like your child to attend.  All schools in Shropshire will be holding open evenings over the coming weeks which will give you and your child the opportunity to visit the schools and see what they have to offer.

Most parents whose children are in Shropshire schools will have received a letter from the School Admissions Team giving advice on how and where to make application and where to find further information.

Shropshire Council produces an information booklet the “Parents’ Guide to Education” which is designed to help parents who are going through the school admission process.  To access the booklet, click on the link: Parents Guide to Education.  Alternatively, reference copies are held in schools and libraries.

A list of secondary school Open Evenings can be found on page 36 of the booklet.  Further information on transfer to secondary school can be found on pages 35 to 58.

Once you have decided on your preferred schools, you can make application online through the Shropshire Council website

What to do now:

  1. Consider which are your preferred schools.
  2. Read the relevant pages of the Parents’ Guide or contact the Admissions Team.
  3. Attend the Open Evenings of schools which interest you and ask for their prospectus.
  4. Decide which schools you would like to apply for.  You should name 3 schools, especially if your preferred school is not your nearest or catchment school.
  5. Make your application online via website or telephone 0345 678 9008 if you do not have internet access.

If you make your application online then you will be able to view your individual result on the Shropshire Council website from midnight on 2nd March 2013.  Otherwise you will have to wait for your letter which will be posted from Shirehall by second class post on 1st March.


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