School Holiday Family Fun

It only seems like five minutes since the children were returning the school after the mammoth six weeks summer holidays, but here we are again, another school holiday just round the corner.

We always find that with the return to school after the summer, and the change in the seasons, children are ready for a break at this point in the academic year. So whilst parents may need to think of activities to keep the children occupied, we also need to make sure children are getting the rest they need, so they return to face the remaining autumn term with a renewed energy.

We asked the members of our Facebook Family for ideas of things to do during half term and this is the list they came up with:-

  • It’s always the simple things we love, like snuggling down to watch a movie together.
  •  Sitting around the table and eating a nice meal together whilst we chat.
  •  Our favourite thing is wrapping up warm and going for a walk along the beach on a cold or windy day.
  •  We love going for walks in the woods no matter what the weather!!
  •  We’ll be doing some painting and some baking.
  •  If it’s wet outside we like putting on wellies and going for a splash.
  •  Getting a load of bed sheets, blankets, pillows etc. and turning the front room into a den, I used to love doing this as a kid, putting the biggest blanket over the sofa and the coffee table, crawling under with a bag of goodies and having a secret picnic.
  •  Make an indoor beach using old sheets, couple of towels, cut out lots of fish and other sea creatures and get the kids buckets and spades. Add a drink and snacks for a ‘beach picnic’ and there you have a couple of hours of fun.

Thanks to our Facebookers for these fabulous, low cost ideas. Have you got any more?

Here are some from us:-

  •  If it’s a windy day why not make and fly a kite?
  •  Let the children take charge of the digital camera or camera on your phone, asking them to take photos of anything they find interesting, ask them what makes it interesting. You can them make an album for them to keep and look at.
  •  Have your own cinema afternoon – get a film, make some popcorn, close the curtains and settle down to enjoy a film together.
  •  Have a spooky Halloween party:-
  • Blow up orange balloons and then get the children to draw pumpkin faces on them.
  •  Pick up a fallen branch from a woodland walk, paint it black, make some bats, spiders and other creepies, thread some string to them and hang them from your black tree.
  •  From your woodland walk, gather twigs and sticks to make a witches broom.
  •  Most of the supermarkets will be selling pumpkins for £1-£2, pick one up, get the children to drawn a spooky face and get carving.
  •  Carve spooky skeleton skulls, witches, and pumpkin shapes into potatoes, get some paint and do some stamping.

You can also look at our online directory  of things to do and places to go, if you fancy a day out somewhere or if you are looking for registered childcare.

Don’t forget to leave your ideas of things to do in the comments box below…


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