Our Little Rocket

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Month (April) we wanted to share with you a very special poem which has been written by a Shropshire mum, whose daughter Hollie was diagnosed as having Autism. We hope by sharing this poem it gives others an understanding of what is it like to be a parent of a child with Autism and how very special Autistic children are.

Our Little Rocket

We have an extra special girl, sent from up above,
A special girl with extra special needs,
That requires complete unconditional love.

A “lightbulb” is the description for her I use,
Once “switched on” she is totally gone,
Gone inside her own little bubble,
Of worry and anger and feeling all alone.

“She just needs discipline” I so often hear,
Why can’t people understand?,
The puzzle that goes on inside her head,
While she lives in her own unique land.

It hurts so much when she turns and asks,
“Why can’t I be like you”?
As I wipe away a tear and try to hold her close,
I try to understand why she won’t hug me to.

I’d love to get inside her head,
And try to understand,
Instead I watch from outside her world,
While I tightly hold her hand.

She was sent to us for a reason,
Someone knew we would love her forever,
no matter what is thrown at us, day or night,
We will walk along this path together.

Love my Hollie rocket so much xxxxxx

ASD diagnosed Nov 2012

If you would like further information about Autism then please get in touch on 01743 254400 or email ShropshireFIS@Shropshire.gov.uk


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