Smoking in Pregnancy – One Mum’s Story

Stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do to improve your baby’s health, growth and development, we’ve asked our friends at Help 2 Quit to write a guest blog on the support they offer to help those who want to stop smoking in pregnancy. They also share a one Mum’s story on why and how she stopped smoking, and the support she received.

At Help 2 Quit we understand that stopping smoking is not always easy. The good news… we can help you to stop smoking. We offer a free service specifically for women who are pregnant, as well as their partner, family members and friends.

  • We are non-judgemental
  • We will not tell you what to do
  • We will listen

We offer:

  • Individual advice tailored to your needs
  • Advice on nicotine replacement therapy such as patches, gum and inhalators
  • A variety of times including evenings and weekends
  • Telephone support
  • A variety of venues including your own home, GP surgery, pharmacy or community venue

Zoe, a Mum from Shropshire shares her experiences of stopping smoking in pregnancy and the support she has received from Help 2 Quit…

“I smoked in my previous pregnancies; there wasn’t the help then. I knew the damage to myself but I didn’t know the effects on babies and children. I felt guilty but I tried to forget – it wasn’t on TV and there weren’t the campaigns that there are now.

This time, the opportunity was there; my midwife informed me straight away about Help 2 Quit and she referred me to the service. Before the appointment I wasn’t prepared for what I was going to learn. I thought it might have been all about death rates and scary facts but I found it wasn’t frightening at all, just talking, learning. I didn’t feel judged and there was no pressure, no preaching. Although I’d struggled before I thought I’d give it a go…I didn’t think I would succeed.

With my Help 2 Quit advisor I found someone I could trust, someone to talk to and phone if I struggled. Just having someone to talk to helped more than anything and then seeing how proud everyone was around me. I learned a lot about the health effects of smoking in pregnancy and around children. The support included looking at changing my routines and I also tried some treatments. My partner also quit, which then helped me to stay on track. Some women don’t have supportive partners and that can make it more difficult.

I can understand why it is hard to stop smoking. For me it was a lot to do with boredom or having something to do for 5 minutes. When I was busy or occupied with something else it wasn’t so hard. I think that when you’re pregnant you have to give up so much. It was almost like a control – I’ll do it when I want to not because someone tells me to. I think that the best approach is not to frighten people or preach but to have someone to talk to about the support that is available. I would advise pregnant women who smoke to look into it, you might not realise the facts but the Help 2 Quit service is there to talk to.”

If you would like any further information please phone Help 2 quit on 01743 366940, email on or fill in the referral form here Help 2 Quit


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