Moving More Challenge Continued

With the cold and wet weather, it’s easy to find excuses not to get out and about more. A walk or a run is often the last thing on our mind. Our colleagues have taken up the challenge to be Move More Advocates and have been blogging about their attempts to be more physically active.

Let’s see how they have found week two.

How’s Anne-Marie been doing…?

Well now 5 days in to the second week. It has been a little varied although I am proud to say I did manage to hit the 10000 step mark two days running and fitted in a spin class! On the other 2 days I didn’t disgrace myself completely, I did still manage to increase my steps by at least 1000 although not always by conventional methods.

So how have I improved? I have taken to walking on the spot if I am standing around much to the amusement of my family and work colleagues. I have got much better at recycling at work as the recycling bin is at the other end of the corridor and if I have walked to the shop at lunchtime, I have gone the longer way round. I have even increased the amount of times I walk up the stairs at work, although being on the fourth floor I have to admit I don’t do that all the time!!! My husband even offered to play kiss chase to improve my number of steps although I did politely decline! Am off for a few days now so it will be interesting to see how I get on. I promise to keep an eye on what I’m doing and let you know when I get back

Here’s Karen’s update…

Well after all my good intentions of going in to week 2 with renewed determination, failed miserably on Monday.  Had a horrible day at work, then walked in the front door to be faced with an obnoxious teenager, which didn’t improve my mood.  Looked at the pedometer, which by this time hadn’t even reached 3000 steps, and seemed to be taunting my bad mood, so I took it off and ignored it for the rest of the evening!  So it would seem, as many are emotional eaters, I am an emotional slug, who sits in front of the telly and doesn’t move as a result of a bad day.

The next day however, a different story.  Waking up and seeing the pedometer on my chest of drawers, felt quietly embarrassed at my little hissy fit of the night before.  Who’d have thought that a little piece of plastic could cause humiliation!  I had an afternoon meeting and instead of running the gauntlet of the nightmare car park, I set off ten minutes early and parked at a less crowded car park, which meant a good ten minute walk to and from the meeting.  Have to admit, it actually gave me an opportunity to prepare in my head for the meeting and some reflection time afterwards.  As well of course of giving me some exercise.  When I got home last night I saw a birthday card sitting on the side waiting to be posted.  Usually I would have hopped in my car for the half a mile journey to the post office, but no, determined to have a positive relationship with the pedometer today, after being so unloving toward it yesterday, I walked!

 Result, I walked 8081 steps!  To you sporty types out there, this might not sound like a huge achievement, but you would be wrong!

 Well what can I say, 6787 steps today, I am on a roll, though perhaps becoming a little bit obsessive at this point.  Beginning to display some strange behaviours like walking back and forward in the kitchen whilst waiting for my lunch to heat up in the microwave.  Arrived home in daylight last night, first time in months, which inspired me to go out for a walk.  Put my head phones on, listened to some music, felt great. Amazing what a difference a bit of daylight can make!

 We’ll continue to share how our colleagues are getting on with you over the next few weeks.

In the meantime if you would like to know how you can move more and the benefits of physical activity, have a look at these websites for ideas:-





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