Smoking in Pregnancy – One Mum’s Story

Stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do to improve your baby’s health, growth and development, we’ve asked our friends at Help 2 Quit to write a guest blog on the support they offer to help those who want to stop smoking in pregnancy. They also share a one Mum’s story on why and how she stopped smoking, and the support she received.

At Help 2 Quit we understand that stopping smoking is not always easy. The good news… we can help you to stop smoking. We offer a free service specifically for women who are pregnant, as well as their partner, family members and friends.

  • We are non-judgemental
  • We will not tell you what to do
  • We will listen

We offer:

  • Individual advice tailored to your needs
  • Advice on nicotine replacement therapy such as patches, gum and inhalators
  • A variety of times including evenings and weekends
  • Telephone support
  • A variety of venues including your own home, GP surgery, pharmacy or community venue

Zoe, a Mum from Shropshire shares her experiences of stopping smoking in pregnancy and the support she has received from Help 2 Quit…

“I smoked in my previous pregnancies; there wasn’t the help then. I knew the damage to myself but I didn’t know the effects on babies and children. I felt guilty but I tried to forget – it wasn’t on TV and there weren’t the campaigns that there are now.

This time, the opportunity was there; my midwife informed me straight away about Help 2 Quit and she referred me to the service. Before the appointment I wasn’t prepared for what I was going to learn. I thought it might have been all about death rates and scary facts but I found it wasn’t frightening at all, just talking, learning. I didn’t feel judged and there was no pressure, no preaching. Although I’d struggled before I thought I’d give it a go…I didn’t think I would succeed.

With my Help 2 Quit advisor I found someone I could trust, someone to talk to and phone if I struggled. Just having someone to talk to helped more than anything and then seeing how proud everyone was around me. I learned a lot about the health effects of smoking in pregnancy and around children. The support included looking at changing my routines and I also tried some treatments. My partner also quit, which then helped me to stay on track. Some women don’t have supportive partners and that can make it more difficult.

I can understand why it is hard to stop smoking. For me it was a lot to do with boredom or having something to do for 5 minutes. When I was busy or occupied with something else it wasn’t so hard. I think that when you’re pregnant you have to give up so much. It was almost like a control – I’ll do it when I want to not because someone tells me to. I think that the best approach is not to frighten people or preach but to have someone to talk to about the support that is available. I would advise pregnant women who smoke to look into it, you might not realise the facts but the Help 2 Quit service is there to talk to.”

To contact Help2Quit about the advice, support and treatment their specialists can offer locally, you can ring them on 0345 6789 025. Alternatively, you can find them on Facebook here and or on twitter @Help2QuitShrops.


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