What is the Family information Service?

We provide free information, advice and support on all aspects of family life, whether you are expecting a baby, have young children or teenagers, we can support you in the role as parent, carer or any other family member.

Childcare Information

Information on all aspects of childcare, early years and play settings in Shropshire including, childminders, day nurseries, pre-school playgroups, out of school activities and clubs, holiday play schemes and carer and toddler groups.

Help and advice on how to choose a quality setting to meet the needs of your child or young person.

Family Support

Information on organisations which can offer advice and support on some of the issues or concerns any family may encounter, including a wide range of information for parents of children with disabilities or additional needs.

Finance and Benefits

Information on help available towards the costs of childcare and other family benefits, including free nursery education funding, tax credits, care to learn and employer childcare vouchers.

Brokerage Service

Additional support for parents and carers who are struggling to find childcare that meets the needs of their family, or who are finding it hard to access services.


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